The Most Sustainable and Luxurious Cotton Towels

Bath Towels

The bathroom is one of the largest sources of water consumption in our homes. But, virtual water, the water that’s used to create things like cotton bath towels is incredibly high.

how much water does cotton use?

Cotton is an incredibly thirsty plant, and approximately half of all textiles are made with cotton. According to WWF, it takes more than 20,000 liters (5,283 gallons) of water to produce just one bath towel

Not only virtual water but consider the WHOLE supply chain from start to finish.  Look at the materials, the production, longevity, and the end of life. After looking at a lot of bath towels, I think Micro Cotton has come out on top.

what makes bath towels sustainable?

All Micro Cotton towels are biodegradable and made from natural materials so they can be composted at the end of their life cycle.  Before they get there, you can cut them up into smaller rags for cleaning or make your own reusable makeup remover pads!


Some experts say you should replace your towels every two years. However, good, quality bath towels should last you much longer. Use a good detergent. Don’t over wash them, and they should last you for years.

how often should bath towels be replaced?

You can use the same towel for a week as long as it’s drying in between each use. Over showering isn’t good for your skin or hair and it’s not recommended to wash each day except for extreme cases of sweat and dirt