8 ways

To Have A Sustainable Holiday Season

If you’re looking to slow down and really experience all the delights of  the holiday season, here are some of my favorite tips on how to spread  joy and do it sustainably!

How Does The Holiday Season Affect The Environment?

During the holiday season, household waste increases by more than 25% from Thanksgiving to New Year's. It’s from all the additional excess food and packaging that does not get recycled.

recycle (and upcycle) your paper

Recycling keeps paper and boxes out of landfills and makes the most of our natural resources because it can be recycled up to seven times. Or find festive ways to reuse or upcycle it.

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choose sustainable wrapping

Did you know 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is made in the U.S. each year and half of it (that’s 2.3 million pounds!) ends up in landfill? Use wrapping paper that is recyclable. Or wrap your gifts in upcycled items. Use paper tape or twine to secure packages.

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You can do this by choosing gifts your loved ones will adore and actually use. Ask them what they need most, or listen to what they talk about the next time you’re together. Of course, when in doubt, money will always be appreciated and never goes to waste.

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Reusing the same ornaments each year is a great way to reduce waste. Be sure to store them sustainably. Upcycling a cardboard box, upcycled tissue paper, crinkle paper, kraft paper, or old newspapers are good options.

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— choose a real tree unless you     already own a fake one — reduce food waste — spend quality time with your     loved ones

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