7 Last Minute

Zero Waste Gifts

With the holidays just around the corner here are some last minute zero waste gifts that are mostly homemade. Celebrate the holidays with these perfect presents to gift to others!


Make some homemade chocolates that can be made in a flash while still being delicious enough to gift to anyone.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is super simple to make and this one is super effective. Plus who doesn't like the gift of getting to sleep in a little bit longer?

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Make this great stocking stuffer that takes a couple of minutes to make. Add some peppermint to make it extra festive!


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Gift this classic for Christmas. This makes the perfect gift for anyone because of the dry and cold winter months.


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Other gifts to give:

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Some other gift ideas you can make or give are: - Sugar Scrub - Homemade Treats - Soap

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