12 Purses & Handbags That Are

Chic, Stylish, And Planet Friendly

 If you want a sustainable handbag or purse that’s chic, stylish and planet-friendly, you’re in luck. Here are 12 eco-friendly options that’ll help you make a statement without harming the planet.

What is the difference between a purse and handbag?

The difference between a purse and a handbag is the fact that purses were created to be smaller in size while handbags were created to be larger with more pockets.

Which is the best handbag brand?

The best handbag brand is one that was created to last a long time. Many brands can create handbags that will last you years because they are created with sturdy, durable materials.

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The most sustainable bag is the one you have already. Purchasing a new bag should be your last resort but when you do purchase one you should get a bag made by a company that uses sustainable materials, a transparent manufacturing process, ethical treatment of workers, and a company that gives back.

What is the most sustainable bag?

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The most eco-friendly sustainable materials are organic cotton, hemp, jute, cork, bamboo, recycled plastic, or fruit leathers. These are the most sustainable materials for a handbag because they are renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

What is the most sustainable material for a handbag?

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GZW approved purses and handbags:

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Some brands that are GZW approved are:

- Svala - Melie Bianco - Noiranica - Tiradia Cork - Able - Pixie Mood

- Cuyana - Angela Roi - Nisolo - Bellroy - Gunas - Sezanas

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