What is

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth has a budget for the year – and we have a continual habit of using up Earth’s resources before the year is up. In 2021, Earth Overshoot Day was on July 29th. That meant we borrowed 5 months' worth of resources from 2022 (aka this year!)

Earth Overshoot Day  Simplified

We only have one earth but overall, we’re living as though we have 1.7 earths. We need to start living within our means and move the date Earth Overshoot Day happens to the end of the year if we want a thriving planet.

6 tips to #movethedate on Earth Overshoot Day

1 - Join the Movement The Earth Overshoot Day website has a section where you vow to become a Date Mover. 2 - Take on Food Waste If we cut food waste in half worldwide, we could move earth’s overshoot day by 11 days.

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3 - Travel with Eco-Sensibility Consider vacationing closer to home to cut down on carbon emissions, or looking into eco-tourism. 4 - Go Plant-Based If the world reduced meat consumption by 50% and got most of their calories from plants, we would move overshoot day 17 days!

5 - Commute Carbon Free We should build on this momentum by walking, biking and using public transportation more. 6 - Challenge City Leaders How we plan and develop our cities matter and it’s important to tell your city leader(s) you care about sustainability.

Why does Earth Overshoot Day change dates each year?

Earth Overshoot Day changes each year because emissions are on the rise and biodiversity loss is speeding up. Depending on how quickly the resources were used for that year, this will influence what the date of Earth Overshoot Day will be.

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