Tips for Digitally Detoxing

and Why You Should Give It a Try

Unplugging to spend some time enjoying nature, lounging around the house, fostering other creative hobbies, and spending time with your friends and family is exactly what you need in order to start anew. Here are some tips so that you can digitally detox.

living without a lens:

During a digital detox, you don’t have to think about capturing an image! It’s so much easier to stay in the moment because you’re not thinking about your life through a camera lens. You’re not trying to show this moment to anyone, you just get to be in it and enjoy it.

stronger connections:

When you go on a digital detox you tend to realize how reliant we are on our phones. After taking my own detox, I now am quite content to look out the window on the train or around the room when I’m alone at the breakfast table. I don’t feel the need to scroll.

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When you want to take a few days off delete your email app, your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Poof. The temptation is gone. You can easily redownload these apps when you're ready to get back on.

delete you apps:

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A digital detox is unplugging from the hustle and bustle of what society tells you, ”You should be doing” in order to recharge with the truly important things in life. There’s a deep connection between wanting to save the environment and spending time enjoying and appreciating what it has to offer.

get outside:

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my rules:

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1. Digitally Detox at least one weekend every quarter. 2. Text, phone calls, GPS, and skyping with loved ones are ok. 3. Watch a few movies but don’t overdo it on the bingeing. 4. Try and get outside once a day. 5. Foster other creative hobbies. 6. Read but for fun! 7. No social media, no emails, no blog posts, nothin’.

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