The Ultimate Guide To Period Panties

If you’re considering switching over to period underwear but don’t know  where to start, here’s a guide to period panties and how to use period  underwear.

What Is Period Underwear?

Period underwear are undergarments you wear during your menstrual cycle to take the place of disposable pads and tampons. They have extra layers and specific fabrics that line the crotch area. This enables them to absorb menstrual blood.

why switch to period underwear?

— Period underwear helps the environment. They are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. They’re reusable, dramatically cuts down on their carbon footprint. — Period underwear save money.

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how to use period underwear

1. Order your period panties. 2. Wash them. 3. When your period starts, just slip on your period underwear like normal panties. 4. Change into a fresh pair of period undies and remove/clean the soiled ones.

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how to wash period underwear

— Soak or rinse in cold water.  — If using a washing machine, wash them on a delicate or gentle cycle with a mild detergent. — Don’t put them in the dryer, let them air dry by laying the underwear flat or hang  drying them.

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At Kayaness, we offer two styles of period underwear: High waisted briefs and boyshorts. Both these styles provide ample coverage, all while prioritizing comfort. We also offer sizing from XS to 4XL, so there’s something for everyone.

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do you wear a pad with period underwear?

You don’t have to wear a pad with period underwear, unless you want to. If you’re a heavy bleeder, you may prefer a little extra protection. Kayaness underwear offers heavy absorbency and can hold up to 3-4 regular tampons worth of flow. 

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