Homemade Febreze Spray

a DIY Guide

As I left my oh-so-fragrant college years and my understanding of the world matured, I started wondering if Febreze spray was really as natural as the promotions made it seem. If I wanted a safe, non-toxic air freshener, I was going to need to make one myself.

Febreze Ingredients

Problems with it

Febreze doesn’t remove odor molecules, instead it traps them inside of a chemical shield to mask the bad scent with a fake chemical smell. Studies detected a total of 89 airborne contaminants, including acetaldehyde,  a likely human carcinogen according to the EPA.

How to create your own

Homemade Febreze is literally that simple. Vodka is a disinfectant. It also has a very low likelihood of reacting with any colors or fabrics in your home. It is the easiest version of homemade Febreze

FEBREEZE DIY : VODKA SPRAY – 1 part vodka – 1 part water

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FEBREEZE DIY : white vinegar and extract – 2 tablespoons White Vinegar – 6-10 drops of your favorite extract  – Fill the rest of a medium spray bottle with water

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Can I use essential oils in my homemade febreeze?

Yes. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to any of the DIY Febreze recipes.

What about infusing my DIY Febreze with citrus?

Citrus will certainly go well with any of these natural solutions. Adding lemon or orange is an all natural way to keep your air freshener non toxic.

The Breakdown:

There are a number of ways to DIY Febreze. Using a homemade formula still provides you with the same smell-masking capabilities but provides a truly non-toxic air freshener that you can feel comfortable spraying all around your environment.

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