Green Banking Options That

Empower a Green Economy

Empower the economy while green banking with these 18 Green Banks! Taking your money out of a big bank is one of the most impactful changes you can make! It’s pretty easy and is so incredibly important.

questioning your current bank:

We need to start asking where our money is going. Our savings and checking accounts are being used to fund all sorts of projects, but many banks aren’t transparent about how they’re using our money. They could be investing in thousands of projects you don’t agree with like drilling, mining, fracking, for-profit prisons, tobacco, pipelines, and so much more.

why choose a green bank:

Green banking is the antithesis of traditional banking. Instead of funding things you don’t agree with. Ethical banking ensures your money is funding renewable energy initiatives and projects. It’s banking you can feel good about!

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The big bad four: – JP Morgan Chase – Citibank – Wells Fargo – Bank of America According to the Banking on Climate report, these banks have invested the most money in fossil fuels, and JP Morgan Chase leading the way at $317 billion.

which banks are bad for the environment:

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- Aspiration - Ando Money - City First Bank - Spring Bank - Amalgamated Bank - Beneficial State Bank

US green banks:

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UK green banks:

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- The Charity Bank - Unity Trust Bank - Triodos Bank UK - Co-operative Bank - Starling Bank

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