8 Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

to Protect Your Phone

Phone cases help to protect phones from breaking and prolongs their life. The only problem is over one billion plastic phone cases are sold each year, and most of them are made from virgin plastic. Take a look at these eco-friendly phone cases and make the switch today!

What is the most  eco-friendly case?

The most eco-friendly case is the one you currently have. Use your phone case until it breaks then you can make a switch over to a better case that doesn't utilize as much plastic. Some phone cases to look out for are ones made with recycled materials, ethical manufacturing, low waste packaging, and once you're done with the phone case you can recycle or compost it.

Are Pela cases actually eco-friendly?

Pela Cases are absolutely eco-friendly! All their phone cases and accessories are completely compostable. They use materials made with flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer. The best part about their cases is not only the fact that they are eco-friendly but they protect your phone from any damage.

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Biodegradable cases can be good depending on the materials that were used in the case. Usually, it is better to stick with compostable options because they break down easier.

Are biodegradable phone cases good?

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Compostable phone cases are cases that can break down at the end of their life and go back to the earth with no toxic residue.

What are compostable phone cases?

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Eco-friendly Cases:

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- Pela - Nimble - Casetify - Skate 4 Create - Wave - Wilma - Reveal - A Good Company

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