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Here’s my full Earth Breeze review and everything you need to know about their brand. I got to try out their Eco Sheets and I’m excited to share the results.

How Does Earth Breeze Combat Single Use Plastic Waste?

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets doesn’t have plastic packaging. The sheets come packaged in a flat cardboard envelope you can rip up and add to your compost bin when empty.

Do Earth Breeze sheets dissolve?

Yes, Earth Breeze sheets dissolve upon contact with water. So, when you toss it in your drum, it will act the same way a liquid detergent would.

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Yes, Earth Breeze can be used in HE washers. They work in all machines, and are septic and greywater certified. They’re also great to use for hand washing delicates and clothes on the go!

can earth breeze be used in he washers?

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Take a sheet according to size of load. For top load washers, you place the sheet inside the washer on top of clothes/linens. For front-load washers, tear and place the sheet in the detergent dispenser.

how do you use earth breeze eco sheets?

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Both my towels and my clothes came out spotless and clean. I washed them during separate, individual loads. There was also no filmy residue on the clothes or towels – they were nice and soft.


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Overall, I’d say Earth Breeze is worth it. It does a good job of  cleaning my clothes, comes with practically no packaging waste, no plastic, and is formulated out of safe ingredients. Click Here To Read My Full Review...

Is Earth Breeze Worth It?

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