Composting 101

125+ Household Items You Can Compost

Composting 101 is the ultimate guide explaining what to compost and how  to get started. Help your environment and feel good about doing your  part.

What Is Compost?

Composting is taking food scraps, plants, and other organic matter and returning it to the earth to create a nutrient rich soil. And, it’s awesome for the planet.

Home and Commerical Compost?

Home compostable refers to when you can simply place the item in a home compost bin with fruits and vegetables. Industrial and commercial composting facilities have special equipment designed to break down more difficult items.

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Compostible Items In The Kitchen?

– coffee grounds & filters – paper grocery bags – any raw fruit and veg  – stale energy bars – stale bread and pasta – cardboard and paper – stale beer or wine

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– nail clippings – natural loofahs – menstrual blood – 100% cotton, cotton balls – cardboard tampon applicators – used facial tissues – trimmings from razor blades

What To Compost In  The Bathroom

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Compostible Items Around The Home

– natural fibers in small pieces – leaves – grass clippings – hair – shredded old cotton items – bills and other plain paper  – pencil shavings

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Remember that a lot of what can be composted is relative to where you’re composting it. Some items should be saved for an industrial facility or bokashi bin. And you should always follow the specific guidelines if you are dropping off at a community resource or business.

What Is Compostable?

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