Capsule Wardrobe:

What is it?

With less clothing to choose from, you will be forced to pick items you absolutely love and use consistently. This helps cut down on impulse buys, but it also gives us better appreciation for the clothes we adorn ourselves with. Here’s what a capsule wardrobe is and how to start one.

What are the rules of a capsule wardrobe?

You have to curate a selection of interchangeable clothing pieces that suit your needs and complement each other. Capsule wardrobes can vary in sizes. Truly, the number depends on you and what you’re comfortable with. Be mindful you should aim to have a certain number of pieces for your tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses and coats/jackets.

What is the point of a capsule wardrobe?

The point of a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your closet, reduce clutter, and actually use what you have. Creating a capsule wardrobe will help you home in on what clothes truly work for you and won’t leave you as stressed or anxiety ridden about assembling an outfit.

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Your capsule wardrobe should have only a few colors, ideally in neutrals. Depending on the number of clothing pieces you want in total, you may be able to add a few other colors in you love too.

How many colors should a capsule wardrobe have?

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Step 1: Take out all your clothes and really look at each piece. It’s time to define your personal style (aka what looks good on you, and how you like to dress).

How do I start a capsule wardrobe?

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Step 2: Now is the time to decide on how many clothing pieces you want altogether. Is it only 10? Maybe 37? More? You’ll want a balance of shirts, bottoms, shoes, and outerwear pieces. Step 3: Next up, look at the clothes you will be keeping. Do any of them need tailoring or repair jobs? How about a trip to the dry cleaners? Set aside some time to give them the extra care they need to hold up and be used on a more frequent basis.

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