How This Startup is Getting it Right!

Zero Waste & Convenient

This Boston-based startup, Good Filling, is making zero waste extra convenient by delivering high-quality, refillable homecare and personal care products—and taking care of the refill process for you.

zero-waste isn’t always convenient

Good Filling’s mission is to make it easy to reduce waste. Unlike other refilling stations,  you order everything online and they deliver refilled products to your home in 1-2 business days.

Instead of DIYing everything, you can count on Good Filling to always have natural products that can be refilled and delivered, such as: – Multi-surface cleaner – Laundry detergent – Dishwasher detergent – Dish soap

Not everyone can diy their own cleaning products

With Good Filling, everything comes to you saving a trip to the store.  Similar to how certain grocery stores will deliver your orders to your door, Good Filling does it without any of the wasteful packagings.

Going from store to store is taxing

Walking down a cleaning aisle can leave you overwhelmed by all the plastic packaging.  Good Filling’s cleaning products all come in easy to recycle bottles that can be refilled. They reclaim and refill all the empties.

Plastic cleaning products are everywhere

Reusables are having a hard time during Rona because people are afraid to use them. Good Filling are taking all the necessary precautions to keep people safe during this time.