Bored Cow Review:

What Is Animal-Free Dairy Milk + Should You Try It?

If you’re craving that real-milk flavor and taste, but don’t want to support the dairy industry anymore, Bored Cow is for you! Here’s my Bored Cow review, what animal-free dairy milk is, and why you should try it.

What is Bored Cow?

It's the world's first animal-free dairy milk. They were able to create real milk protein except with microflora instead of cows. When combined with their plant-based ingredients they were able to make a rich, creamy, dairy flavor!

Is Bored Cow vegan?

Yes! Bored cow is completely vegan because it relies solely on plants instead of cows. Don't get this milk wrong it is completely 100% real dairy except reinvented with the power of microflora.

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Other than the fact that the cows are being inhumanely treated, the waste from these farms is polluting the air, water, and land. These factories also produce large numbers of greenhouse gases.

How does the dairy industry harm the environment?

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– Animal-free, which means no    factory farming and less carbon    emissions – Same creaminess as real milk – Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free – Loaded with vitamins and nutrients – Antibiotic-free – Hormone-free – Lactose-free – Gluten-free – 0g of sugar – 9 essential amino acids

What are the pros of Bored Cow milk?

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What are the cons of Bored Cow milk?

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– Packaging waste – Contains milk allergen – A bit pricy

As you can see the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this amazing milk substitute!

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