Can Go Green and Still Be Cool

Teens are concerned about climate change and they want to take action. Today, we’ll focus on the simple things your teen and tween can do while still being relevant aka ‘cool’.

Teens Can Go Green And Still Be Cool

There are a variety of ways that teens can be green while still fitting in and being cool! Some of these simple swaps are so subtle and can be done without even being noticed! But, hopefully, others will follow along too!


Skip the straw and the lid when ordering a fountain drink! Most times, these items really aren’t needed especially when dining in. And while you’re at it, skip the bag too. Make sure you take one only if you really need it. Or better yet, bring your own!

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Our family loves ice cream, especially in the summer, and we have found a few ways to ditch the waste while enjoying it. The ideal zero waste option would be an ice cream cone. But when my kids want a Blizzard, sundae, etc, we bring our metal utensils.

ditch the spoon

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When my kids need an outfit for a school dance, graduation, bat mitzvah, costume etc., I first look to my friends for hand-me-downs, then venture on to secondhand stores. Between those two sources, I can usually scrape together a "cool" outfit.

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My kids have been using reusable lunchboxes for several years. I first bought the plastic type, but they quickly deteriorated so I recently bought a stainless steel one. My tween loves the shiny look, and the compartments! Goodbye plastic Ziplock baggies!

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I know I can speak for myself and many others when I say that our kids have more toys than they need. In lieu of a gift, you can ask your guests for a donation to a charity! We also ditched tangible gifts and give experiences instead.


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