7 Event Planning


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You might be wondering, what on Earth does the planet have to do with event planning, and the answer is… everything! The planet has to do with EVERYTHING.

thinking sustainability isn’t important:

Every other week I hear about how sustainability is seeping into events and activations. It’s how you can really level up your event and expertise. There’s so many fun ways that you can engage people and create a meaningful impact.

This is where you get to make a difference. Source your events power from renewable sources. Each year the WM Phoenix Open is carbon neutral. All of the electricity is procured from APS. It’s 100% renewable

pay attention to power:

Consider the 5 waste streams and what you can do to help during the event: 1. compost 2. recycling 3. waste to energy 4. wine bottles 5. donation

not thinking beyond the landfill:

It's vital to stipulate your requirements in a contract! Even if it's things like requiring vendors to use certified compostable, recyclable or reusable packaging, it's important to state up front.

establishing your needs in the contract EARLY:

finding the right partners:

Programs see lots of great success when they work with amazing partners. Find partners that support similar things that you do and it is sure to be a match made in heaven.

Consider incorporating both text, visuals, and color coordination to get your message across. This will help guests understand and recognize what goes where.

Lack of specific signage:

Make  educational opportunities fun. A great way to do this is through gamification. Turning education opportunities into competitive activities is one of the best ways to create change.