5 Fall Hiking


When I’m in nature, I feel so much better. I love being among the trees and away from large swaths of concrete. So, I wanted to round up 5 of my favorite things for getting out in nature this fall!

easy layers

Living in the bay area it’s freezing in the morning, warm by two, and then by four the fog rolls in and it’s freezing again. Dressing in thin but warm layers is essential.

Cozy Pants

To be honest, you’ll find me in these bamone sweatpants way more when lounging around the house than on the trail because they are so WARM!

Yellow Wavy Line

Trail snacks are a must!! I always make sure to bring a full water bottle and a couple of munchies. I think it’s nice to sit down and really enjoy the scenery.

Homemade Trail Snacks

Yellow Wavy Line

One of the simplest things to prevent chilly winds from getting me down is to wear a beanie. You also lose 10% of your body heat from your head, so if it starts to get chilly, wearing a hat is a great way to regulate your body temperature.


Yellow Wavy Line


Your Furry Friend

Yellow Wavy Line

Is it even worth hiking if your furry friend can’t come with you!? I get exercise. She gets exercise. My mental health improves doubly because of nature AND puppies. It’s a winning combo.

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