You Should Read A Book This Earth Day

Want to know how you can help the planet this Earth Day? Read a book about sustainability! Here are 3 simple reasons you should read a book this Earth Day (and some of my personal favorites).

Why Does Reading About Sustainability Matter?

Reading can help us see things from a different perspective and expand our imagination. If we’re going to solve the climate crisis, we can’t just know the problem, we also have to imagine what a brighter future can look like.

Learn A New Perspective

Learning about the climate crisis from a different perspective can be eye-opening and informative. Opening yourself up to these perspectives can make you a better advocate for the planet and its people.

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If a book only presents the problem without a solution, that’s just lazy. Reading a wide variety of books that address different environmental issues can help with this. Check out my sustainable reading list.

Discover Problems And Their Solutions

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Find Inspiration For A Better Future

In order to imagine a brighter future ahead, we need to have an image of what that could look like. Reading a book that illustrates this is the perfect way to envision a better future.

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For Earth Day, I’ve collaborated with WorldCat.org, to create a book list to help inspire others to shift towards zero waste. Click here to find the book list...

Where Can I Find Books About Sustainability?

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