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ESNTL LVG Sustainable Cleaning Products

Switching up my cleaning products was the first zero waste swap I made If you’re thinking about switching to a more sustainable cleaning routine, here are three reasons to try ESNTL LVG for yourself.


ESNTL LVG uses non-toxic biotechnology to formulate three efficient cleaners: All-purpose cleaner, glass and surface cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. Their versatile and minimalist cleaners can be infinitely refilled.


I love the fact ESNTL LVG packages their cleaners without single-use plastic. Their spray bottles are made from glass with a silicone sleeve to help protect it. The glass spray bottle can be reused indefinitely and the nozzle is durable and built to last.

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ESNTL LVG’s cleaners are minimalist and less overwhelming. Instead of purchasing a cleaner for every area of your home (toilet, shower, sink, etc.), all you need are three. They are multi-functional and can be used for various spaces around the home.

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On top of being single-use plastic-free, ESNTL LVG also has a refill  scheme set in place. This reduces a lot of packaging waste, since the refills are also plastic-free. Once you have the spray bottle, you’ll only have to purchase refills afterwards, which saves you money in the long run.

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efficient & clean ingredients

ESNTL LVG products not only work great, but are also made using clean ingredients, instead of harsh chemicals. They’re completely cruelty-free  and never tested on animals. They’re made using biotechnology.

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