Self-Care Ideas

These sustainable self-care ideas will have you feeling your best. Give  yourself the relaxation and love that you deserve with these 15 creative ideas.

The Importance Of  Self-Care

Self-care is so important to your health, both mentally and physically. Not only does self-care help with anxiety and depression, it also helps improve concentration, energy, and overall happiness


Sometimes it’s also really nice to take around 10 minutes to brew a really nice specialty drink just for me. It’s nice to  just breathe, observe, and check in with myself. It’s a great way to relax and get in a good mental place.

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take a walk

It’s no secret that getting outside and connecting with nature reduces stress levels, so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best physical self-care ideas out there! If you’re having a hard time, then put on a pair of tennis shoes and go take a walk.

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Reading is one of my favorite past times. Last year, for our anniversary, my husband installed a hammock in my office. It’s the best place to snuggle up with a good book. I love to just relax and slowly sway.

read a book

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I only take a bath when I’m feeling super stressed out, which is about a few times a year. Depending on the size of your bathtub and the type of showerhead you have, you might actually save water by taking a bath.

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— Apply A Face Mask — Deep Clean & Declutter — Dance — Call A Friend — Stretch or Meditate — Watch An Old Favorite Show — Take A Class — Keep A Self-Care Journal


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