Zero Waste

Makeup Brands

Most of these brands are more expensive than what you’d get at the drugstore but the fact is: you don’t want to be wearing that stuff anyway! Cheap, conventional makeup is known to be packed with potentially toxic synthetic substances that can mess with your hormones and have significant long-term negative health effects.

Tips and Tricks:

Be warned that makeup with bamboo packaging may mold if you don't go through it fast enough or if you live in a humid climate. Another trick that you can use is that when you're done with those mascara wands, send them into Wands For Wildlife to be repurposed.

Some Sustainable Makeup Brands:

Some sustainable makeup brands include:  - izzy zero waste beauty - antonym cosmetics - athr beauty

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These sustainable makeup brands include: - rms  - kjaer weis - axiology

More Makeup Brands:

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These zero waste makeup brands contain refillable/reusable packaging: - sappho new paradigm - clean faced cosmetics - alima pure

Zero Waste Makeup Brands:

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Why these are zero waste makeup brands:

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These zero waste makeup brands are made with recycled paper and glass. These makeup items are vegan and cruelty free making them perfect to use. Most of these brands also have a refill option where you can send the packaging back for a discounted refill.

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