Why You Should Switch to

Eco-Friendly  Shampoo

 Eco-friendly shampoo comes from natural ingredients and uses environmentally friendly packaging like paper, cardboard, refillable bottles or 100% recycled materials. The shampoo itself is free from synthetic and harmful chemicals such as sulfate and parabens that are commonly found in commercial shampoo. 

it uses natural ingredients

Eco-friendly shampoos eliminate all the harmful ingredients and use mostly natural extracts to cleanse and condition your hair without removing too much oil.

maintain your hair color, the natural way

Eco-friendly shampoo helps maintain hair color longer since it does not contain synthetic chemicals. 

reduce plastic use

Shampoo bars are a great alternative to shampoo in plastic bottles. Using them helps reduce plastic waste because shampoo bars come in paper and cardboard packaging. Because they are solid like soap, shampoo bars are travel-friendly and space-saving.

are there downsides?

The price! Some organic shampoos cost more than regular ones, but there are also so many eco-friendly options on the market.  But, one of the BEST things about focusing on a more eco-friendly shower routine is that you’re probably washing your hair less often.


Where can I find eco-friendly shampoo? Online retailers are the easiest way. However, there are many eco-friendly businesses out there. There could be one around your block! 

Are all shampoo bars sulfate and paraben free?  Not all shampoo bars are free from synthetic chemicals, so be sure to check the ingredients on the label or manufacturer's website.

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