What to Do with

Old Magazines

An estimated 350 million magazines are printed in the U.S. every year. Of those, experts argue that only 20% are recycled. (Yes, they are recyclable!) Shocking? Absolutely. Avoidable? Definitely. Thankfully there are so many ways to reuse, upcycle, and repurpose old magazines.

time to get crafty

The idea of upcycling isn’t new to the zero waste community; after all “reuse” is second in the reduce, reuse, recycle hierarchy. Try these ways to make something old, new again.

Christmas crafts

- Wrap gifts with magazine pages - Magazine pages instead of tissue paper in bagged gifts - Fold Christmas Trees (instructions in post!)


Create funky and unique: - Vases - Bowls - Wall Decals - Dresser Drawers

more ways to repurpose old magazines

- Origami Bookmarks - Repurposed Butterfly Chain - Zine Stack Stool


Where can I donate magazines? Places that typically accept these donations are: local library, nursing homes, military troops, women/family shelters, doctor/dentist offices, preschools/daycares. 

Can I put magazines in the recycle bin?  Yes, as long as you take the plastic off first! Check for perfume and skincare samples, and be sure to pull those out as well.

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