Why Does

Organic Cotton Matter?

Essentially, organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. It’s grown without pesticides or other harmful materials.

Is organic cotton better than 100% cotton?

Yes, organic cotton is better than anything labeled simply “100% cotton” because it’s more sustainable. Anything labeled simply “100% cotton” can be from GMO seeds and be farmed with strong pesticide usage.

Why you should wear organic cotton?

You should wear organic cotton because you’re helping support a more sustainable method of farming that will replenish earth’s resources instead of deplete them.

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Organic cotton is better than polyester when it comes to everyday clothing and household linens. Also, natural materials like organic cotton won’t cause as much irritation or chaffing to the skin, especially in hot weather.

Is organic cotton better than polyester?

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Organic cotton is good quality cotton because it wasn’t treated with a bunch of chemicals. The fibers are much longer compared to regular cotton which makes it softer on the skin.

Is organic cotton good quality?

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• Pact • Patagonia • Tentree • Mate The Label • For Days • Crann Organic • Beaumont Organic

The Best Brands That Use Organic Cotton

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