Ways To Celebrate

Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day is on April 22 each year, but you should celebrate Earth Day every single day! Using sustainable products, buying food from a farmer’s market, and shopping secondhand are just a few ways you can get involved.

How To Celebrate Earth Day

I would really like to encourage you to take Earth Day into the rest of the year. To help you with that I have come up with ways to fluff that eco ego 24/7.

Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

1 - Organize a clean-up for your community.  2 - Pick up litter when you're out working. 3 - Don't throw out your food scraps, eat them!

Yellow Wavy Line

4 - Compost in your apartment or compost in your backyard. 5 - Commit to the big four. 6 -  Buy less. 7 - Live local.

8 - Use real stuff - real plates, real forks, real knives. 9 - Get involved in local government. 10 - Eat seasonally.  11 - Start a garden, grow food from your scraps. 


12 - Shop second hand first. 13 - Start a carpool sheet at work to reduce emissions.  14 - Get involved in a community garden. 15 - Make your own cleaners. 16 - Get outside and plug into nature.

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