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Recycling Paper

Recycling keeps paper out of landfills and makes the most of our natural resources. But there are also a lot of recycling myths around paper packaging that can inhibit the recycling process. Here’s everything you need to know about paper sustainability and recycling tips.

How do you recycle paper?

Create an at home recycling system that are labeled with what goes in where. When the paper bin gets full add to your outside recycling bin and it'll get taken to a mill where it will be reused again.

What's the importance of recycling paper?

Some benefits of recycling paper includes: - Extends fiber supply - Contributes to carbon sequestration - Reduces energy and water consumption

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There are many items that are great to recycle these include: - Pizza boxes - White paper/Colored paper - Mail - Newsprint - Magazines

What materials can be recycled?

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Some ways to reuse your paper and carboard waste is to transform it into something else. - Reuse your boxes for moving. - Reuse wrapping paper for another gift. - Use an old book to create paper crafts like a paper flower.

Don't forget to upcycle!

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Start using these tips today!

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Start recycling your paper with these simple tips. Remember that every little bit helps and will reduce the paper waste in landfills!

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