To A Zero Waste And Sustainable Christmas

From sustainable Christmas decorations to eco friendly gifts and  zero waste meals, this guide goes over everything you need for an eco friendly Christmas.

The Joy In An Eco Friendly Christmas

It may feel like you have to give it all up to have an eco friendly Christmas. But I promise you don’t have to! There are lots of DIY and store bought eco friendly Christmas decorations. You can cook zero waste meals. People love thoughtful gifts and appreciate sustainable products.

sustainable christmas decorations

Bottom line here, use what you have. I love using kitchen objects and found items from around the house like cinnamon sticks, red leaves from fallen trees, stringing together popcorn strands, and even making an advent calendar out of an old shipping sleeve.

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Gifts can be kind of tricky. I see value in buying something someone needs or wants, but I also see value in buying experiences. You should have conversations and truly find out what someone wants before buying anything!

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I love all of the family traditions passed down. See if there are a few family traditions you can do while creating a little bit less waste. I have definitely noticed that I tend to simplify some of my traditions. I don’t think it makes them any less special, it just makes them more intentional.


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There are so many layers to the food. There’s food waste, buying the food, planning the food, and of course eating the food. Do zero waste shopping and use up those leftovers. Sometimes, the food is just past its prime. If that’s the case then don’t toss it in the landfill, compost it!


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I LOVE a good party, and I especially love throwing them. I bring my own cup to parties all the time, and have had nothing but positive responses. I always bring a sustainable hostess gift. If there is a white elephant gift exchange, bring a gift that will reduce waste.


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