The Truth About

Sustainable Living

The truth about sustainable living is that it’s a series of choices you make everyday. Living this kind of life means consistently choosing options that have a positive impact on the environment, and sometimes that means shifting your mindset and challenging what you think is easy and convenient. 

Please remember, there’s no one size fits all. I think it’s easy to get discouraged in the beginning, and I used to get upset at myself because I didn’t feel like I was doing enough or was good enough at what I was doing.

what is sustainable living?

It’s not always Instagram-worthy. For me, sustainable living is about using what you have. That means old plastic ice cube trays, upcycled jars, old Ziploc bags in my freezer that house my compost – there’s so much that doesn’t fit into an aesthetic and that’s OK. Real sustainable living isn’t a curated Instagram feed.

it's about conscious consumerism

The key is to be a conscious consumer which means shifting your MINDSET. Do you need to even buy that product? Can you borrow, swap, shop secondhand? We can’t buy our way into sustainability. We have to truly start shifting our habits.

it's a community effort

Taken altogether, our small actions can make a significant difference. But it doesn’t stop there. We have to take these practices outside our households and take part in collective action.


How can I start living sustainably? Start small by selecting areas in your life you'd like to improve on. Some easy choices are: taking public transportation, buying from local farmers, composting, shopping second hand, and reusing bottles and containers. 

How do I know I'm doing it right? It looks different for everyone. What's important is committing to doing the best you can. It's a marathon, not a sprint! As long as you care, you're an environmentalist.

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