Eco-Friendly Tips

for Moving

Between being a military brat and an actor, I excel at packing boxes and never fully settling into a place. ⁠ Suffice it to say, moving can be both wasteful and strenuous. That’s why I decided to whip up the ultimate eco-friendly guide to moving, packed with my best tips.

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One of my best tips is to hire a moving company – they will make your lives so much easier! Better yet, eco-friendly moving companies reduce waste by taking more efficient routes, and even using trucks that utilize biofuel rather than gasoline.


Typical cardboard moving boxes often require you to use plastic tape which can be wasteful and expensive. Then most people don’t know what to do with all those cardboard boxes after a move. A moving box rental company bring boxes to you, then take them back for reuse when you're done!

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You can also get used boxes from your local stores or restaurants, often for free.  Use sheets, towels, etc. to secure items in your boxes to reduce waste.  Consider buying storage bins you can repurpose once you get to your new place.

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I recommend selling items you no longer need first. Facebook marketplace is a good resource for this. You can also gift items to your friends and family.  If you have to donate your items, look into specific places to donate rather than generic thrift stores. Thrift stores often get overloaded with items and they don’t always actually get used.

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Out of all my tips, I cannot tell you how important this one is for your sanity – a checklist of goals is vital! A checklist will help ensure you remember everything and make it less stressful.

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