The Best Safety Razor

Brands and Blades

Disposable razors aren’t recyclable and they’re made from plastic and can only be used 5-10 times before heading to landfill. If you’re like me and enjoy a smooth shave (without harming the planet), here are the best safety razor brands and blades on the market.

What type of safety razor is best?

The best safety razor is made from sustainable materials like stainless steel. The best safety razors will also come with blades and offer blade refills. Ideally, they will have take-back programs in place for blade recycling.

Is it worth switching to a safety razor?

Absolutely! These razors not only help the planet but save you money as well. With a reusable safety razor, you only have to make the initial investment for the razor once. Then, you just replace the blades once they're dull.

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It does take some getting used to when handling a safety razor. A brand that is recommended is the EcoRoots' safety razor. This razor is easy to assemble and gives you a smooth shave without the razor bumps.

What safety razor is best for beginners?

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The safety razor can be reused again and again making them last close to forever. The only thing that dulls is the blade. How often you'll need to replace them depends on the razor and how often you shave. The recommended use is after 10 shaves to get a replacement.

How many shaves are they good for?

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GZW approved safety razors:

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- EcoRoots - LeafShave - Albatross - Oui The People - Tiny Yellow Bungalow - Well Kept

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