8 Best Ethical

Shoe Brands

A whopping 300 million pairs of shoes get thrown away every year in the US, filling up landfills with synthetic materials that take up to 40 years to break down. Thankfully, there are ethical shoe brands that are turning things around by adopting good practices in creating footwear.

choosing the best shoe brands

The best ethical shoe brands stand out with their commitment practices such as using eco-friendly materials and providing fair wages. The best shoe brands put values first and strive to make a positive impact. 

ethical markers

- The brand is transparent about where they source materials - They openly talk about the working conditions in their factors - They have recognized as Certified B Corporations 

best brands 1-4

Everlane Allbirds TOMS Nisolo

best brands 5-8

 Therafit Nomasei Veja Sezane


How do I know if a shoe brand is ethical?  Look for certifications that indicate internationally-recognized standards. You can also check the brand’s website for more information about their materials, production process, and working conditions in factories.

Where can I buy ethical shoe brands? You can buy directly from the website or order from local sellers to minimize the carbon footprint of your purchase. Another option is to look for brands carried by local retailers or in secondhand clothing stores.

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