Shoes and Sneakers for Winter


Finding sustainable shoes and sneakers this winter isn’t as hard as you think. More and more fashion brands are opting for sustainable and biodegradable materials.

why go eco-friendly?

Going eco-friendly is a small step we can take to better care of our planet. As Ponto footwear puts it, “Love the planet you walk on.”

– Cork Leather – Recycled Plastics – Desserto Cactus Leather

sustainable materials

Cork is a naturally occurring renewable material.

Cacti leather is one of the hottest trends in sustainbility

– Supports literacy & fair wages –  climate neutral certified.

what to wear


Good Guys

– Uses eco-friendly or recycled materials – PETA approved- Vegan friendly shoes


– Fair-trade working conditions – PETA approved


Is leather eco-friendly?

look for vegetable-tanned leathers that don’t use toxic chemicals.

what makes a shoe eco-friendly?

 Materials used, factory and worker conditions, and packaging and shipping practices

Can you recycle shoes?

You cannot recycle shoes in your curbside bin.  Instead, limit the number of pairs you own.

While sustainable materials may be costlier to obtain and process upfront, the benefits to humanity and the environment are worth the cost. 

Worth the Cost