Soothe and Smooth Your Kisser with

DIY Lip Scrub

DIY Lip Scrub is easy, affordable, and a great way to save money, take care of yourself, and reduce packaging waste. Most scrubs have only 3-4 easy ingredients which are likely already in your kitchen. You can make these scrubs in just minutes!

emollients & exfoliants

Emollients are substances that help moisturize skin. They seal moisture in and offer healing properties.  Exfoliants provide mild abrasion - the scrub aspect. 

commercial vs diy

For me it comes down to a number of factors: cost, ingredients, and packaging. In striving to create less waste, a homemade scrub is pretty much going to win the contest every time. 


Coconut Oil  Sugar Lavender or Peppermint Oil

put it together & use

To make, soften coconut oil. Stir in the sugar. Add optional oil. Mix gently until well-blended.  To use, apply a small amount to your lips and massage in. Leave on for 5 minutes, and remove with a warm cloth. 


How long will my homemade lip scrub last?  If you don't use it all up, it will last up to 6 months in the fridge. 

Should I use my lip scrub every day? Though tempting, it can actually do the opposite of what you want and dry your lips out. So use it no more than 2-3 times a week for best results.

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