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Concert goers in the US produce 106 million pounds of waste each year according to Claire O’Neill, co-founder of A Greener Festival. But what if I told you there was a way to make concerts more eco-friendly?

How do concerts affect the environment?

Concerts affect the environment by driving up emissions through artist and fan travel, energy usage and the waste that occurs at these events. The main problem is the disposables offered at concerts: Plastic cups, plastic water bottles, etc. While many events will provide some recycling bins, this often isn’t enough.

How can concerts be more sustainable?

Thankfully, concerts can be more sustainable when artists and bands act and demand better from the venues they’re performing at. Bands that make the pledge with Musicians for Sustainability can create a more eco-friendly experience for everyone.

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Reusable Solutions’ CEO+ founder Benjamin Kogan has launched Musicians for Sustainability, a pledge that enables bands and vendors to create more eco-friendly events.

What is Musicians for Sustainability?

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Many artists are trying to lessen their impact on the environment. Some musicians have started to refuse to fly private. But that’s just the beginning of many musicians who have started their eco-friendly journey.

How can musicians be eco-friendly?

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Billie Eilish has refused to fly private and received a guarantee from Oscar de la Renta to stop selling fur. Coldplay also pledged to make their Music Of The Spheres Tour as sustainable and low-carbon as possible. They’re doing this by cutting the tour’s emissions by more than 50% than their previous tours

What musicians are already doing:

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