How to Build a Mindful Wardrobe

Here’s how to choose minimalist clothing and build a sustainable capsule wardrobe you will feel great in, without harming the planet.

What Clothes Should A Minimalist Have?

There’s no magic number of clothes a minimalist should have, or any set rules. Instead of focusing on a specific number, I think it is a good idea to choose pieces that you truly love and will wear again and again.

color analysis

Getting a color analysis is a great way to assess which colors to keep in your closet. Depending on your complexion, certain colors may clash or make you glow. I’d aim for  4-5 colors that flatter you for the sake of simplicity.

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kibbe body type

Knowing your kibbe body type can also help you better define what clothing lines best suit your frame. There are 13 different kibbe body types and knowing yours can help you choose which clothes will look best on you.

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how to curate a minimalist wardrobe

Sort your clothes into 3 piles: love, no, and maybe. Try on the clothes from your maybe pile to determine if you’ll keep them. Responsibly get rid of the clothes you don't want through donation or gifting.

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what does minimalist mean in clothing?

It means not having a wardrobe jam packed with stuff you never even wear. Instead, minimalist clothing should mean having a curated selection of clothing you keep coming back to.

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USE a minimalist mindset TO DEFINE your sytle

Having a minimalist mindset can truly help you refine your personal style and reduce  over-consumption. Having a signature scent or color is more powerful than being trendy, it's an identity.

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what is a  minimalist brand?

Sustainable, minimalist clothing brands that value the mindset over the aesthetic. PACT  EVERLANE  ORGANIC BASICS 

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