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Recycle Ink Cartridges

Okay so what are all the ways we can efficiently recycle our ink cartridges? I’ve rounded up all the options.

Can I put ink cartridges in the recycle bin?

Because ink cartridges are small and contain multiple materials, they cannot be recycled in the recycling bin. They will likely get lost in the sorting process or end up in a landfill anyway.

Can I recycle printer cartridges at walmart?

Yes, you can recycle printer cartridges at Walmart. Walmart accepts ink cartridges and toner for recycling at all of their stores.

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If you live in NYC, you can dispose of ink cartridges by taking them back to the manufacturers and retailers that sell ink and toner. Most businesses that sell ink and toner are encouraged to take back used cartridges at no extra charge.

How do I dispose of ink cartridges in nyc?

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Yes, you can recycle ink cartridges at Target. There are several bins usually located at the Target entrance for recycling various items. Simply drop off your ink cartridges in the bin that says “MP3, cellphone, & ink.”

Can I recycle ink cartridges at target?

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• Drop off locations at office supply stores • Mail-back programs with manufacturers • Yet another sustainable option is to try and get your ink cartridges refilled

How To Recycle Ink Cartridges

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