How To Make

Liquid Hand Soap from a Solid Soap Bar

Yes, you can make liquid hand soap from a solid soap bar – and it’s EASY. I mean, unbelievably easy.

Is Bar Soap Sanitary?

I wanted to address that myth up front. Bar soap is HYGIENIC! It has stood up to bacteria and viruses in a multitude of studies since the 1960s.

Ingredients For Liquid Hand Soap

• Chopped Soap • Water • A Natural Preservative • Glycerin • Scent (optional)

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Dissolve your chopped soap in a saucepan of water. Remove the pot from the heat and stir in the glycerin, natural preservative and optional scent. Let it cool overnight, stir and  pour into a soap dispenser.

How To Turn Bar Soap Into Liquid Soap

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If your soap thickened up too much in the morning, you can add more water and natural preservative to thin it out.  Remember, you can always add more water to the soap, but you can’t take it away.

Important Notes

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You can use any upcycled  soap dispenser!  I have a maple syrup bottle with a pump, an old face wash cleanser bottle, and my indestructible tried-and-true simple human dispenser.

How Do You Store Your Liquid Hand Soap?

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