How to Make

Homemade Cotton Rounds

Sewing is a great hobby to reduce waste because it encourages you to mend, repair and upcycle your clothes. Your crafts can help better the environment, and save you money, if you use upcycled scrap fabric too.

what you'll need

- scrap fabric - scrap paper - scissors - pins - sewing machine - thread - use the jar you want to store them in to trace the shape

How to Make Homemade Cotton Rounds

1. Trace your container directly onto your fabric with a chalk pencil.  2. Gather your scrap fabric and make sure the wrong sides are touching each other.  3. Cut your pieces to the desired size. 4. Pin the outer edges 5. Place thread and bobbin in the machine.

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STEPS 6-10

6. If your machine has a serge stitch, use that.  7. Butt the fabric up to the edge and adjust as you go.  8. Sink your first stitches, then use your backstitch to reinforce.  9. Start sewing, going as slowly as needed. Remove pins as you go.  10. Backstitch to finish and lift presser foot. Pull cotton round to the side and cut threads.

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Constantly purchasing cotton pads adds up. Reusable cotton rounds are definitely worth it because they’re bound to save you money and reduce waste.


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If you take care of them, reusable cotton rounds can last hundreds of uses, aka over two years. Just make sure you wash them after every use, then store them in an upcycled airtight jar when not in use.

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