An Eco Friendly BBQ

Here is the ultimate zero waste guide to summer cookouts.  Learn how to throw an eco-friendly, zero waste cookout. Celebrate summer with all of your friends and family with an eco-friendly BBQ.

Borrow From Friends And Family

If you need more tables, chairs, games, cups, plates etc., ask your guests if they have any you can BORROW. It’s also way more eco-friendly to use materials that already exist in the waste stream than it is to buy brand new.


A key area of waste at BBQs is all of the disposables. People tend to lean into the disposable plates or red solo cups at parties, but I would love for you to switch to reusable items! Throw everything in the dishwasher. It really isn't that time consuming.

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I love to dress up my parties with fresh flowers. I also like to light candles and put them in lanterns, use old mason jars, and upcycle old tins. I think fabric bunting that you reuse year after year is adorable and festive too!

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I tend to create a Spotify playlist to play while the party is in full  swing, and I rented a few corn hole boards and horseshoe games for everyone to play in the backyard. I bet friends have some backyard party games they’d be more than happy to let you borrow.

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And, then we get to the food. My number one recommendation is to go heavy on the veg! When people typically think about BBQs they think about meat. But, I’ve got to tell you – grilled vegetables are the BOMB.

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When I’m attending BBQs, I actually bring my own stainless tumbler so I don’t have to use any disposables. I’m always complimented on it. I sometimes include a small stainless steel plate and a to-go set of cutlery that I wrap in a cloth napkin.

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