15 Things You Can Do For The Planet

Are you looking to have an even bigger impact outside of your consumer choices. Here are 15 ways you can be an activist without leaving your couch and ways that you can celebrate Earth Day from home.

Let's Talk About Energy

One quick thing you can do to reduce CO2 emissions is to switch your energy provider. Whether you live in an apartment or rent, make sure all of the energy you use is supplied by clean energy sources. You’ll probably even see your electricity bill go down!


Here are four simple ways you can shrink your water footprint today.  1. eat more plants! 2. shop secondhand. 3. choose reusables like  cloth towels. 4. choose products made from recycled materials.

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Did you know that planting trees is one of the easiest, cheapest and potentially most effective tools we have for combatting climate change and drawing down carbon from the atmosphere? Why not plant a tree this  Earth Day?

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Crack your knuckles and get ready to work, because it’s time to email your representatives. Your representative’s job is to represent you, and they can’t do that if they don’t know what’s on your mind. Check out your local Sierra Club Chapter for more information.

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offset your carbon footprint

The quiz at is a great way to calculate your carbon footprint. You can plug-in the details of your life/last year, and then it will calculate how high your carbon footprint is including how many Earth’s we’d need to survive if everyone lived like you.

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write companies and businesses

I challenge you to write to three different businesses and ask for them to make changes this week. Writing letters seems pretty intimidating, but I promise, it’s easier than you think and it gets easier the more you do it!

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