For Living Zero Waste

There’s so much more you can do to live zero waste than replace your household items. These ways to live zero waste are essentially the building blocks of zero waste, eco-friendly living.

Why You’ll Love These Zero Waste Solutions

— Quality items mean you purchase less over long periods of time and actually save money! — You’ll cut down on clutter and stuff in your house. — Cutting back and creating less waste makes a real impact.

buy less to stay  low waste

Before buying anything, make sure you really truly need it. I always ask myself a series of questions. – Do you really need it? – Is it really necessary? – Can something else make do? – Do you need to own it?

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buy well to avoid waste

There are still purchases we need to make. Unless you live completely off grid/are self-sustaining, you’ll need to make some purchases. So when you do purchase something, really think about its full life-cycle.

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find contentment

Advertisers are really good at manipulating our subconscious, so one of the most rebellious and radical things you can do is to simply find contentment with what you already have. One of  the best ways to do that is to practice gratitude!

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strike a balance

Personal sustainability is super important! it’s about making better choices. The thing is, we don’t live in a perfect zero waste society. Instead, we live in a world where things are designed to be thrown away. All we can do is the best we can where we are.

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how can i encourage zero waste practices in my community?

Get involved! Write to your local newspapers, attend local city hall  meetings, and get in touch with your local government. Even simply adding recycling bins in public places can make a real difference, and once it starts, it’s easier to keep going!

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