6 Hemp Clothing Brands

For earth-friendly fashion

To help you choose the perfect hemp clothing, this list includes brands that: – Use only hemp OR combine hemp with another sustainable material  – Offer a variety of designs  – Follow Fair Trade practices


Tentree, based in Canada, works with partner factories to ethically manufacture clothing.  They use sustainable and responsibly-sourced materials like hemp, organic cotton, and even recycled polyester.

Valani makes clothing for women who want a “fun, flirty and beautiful wardrobe,” and they do so using plant-based fabrics. Everything in their collection is made with hemp, tencel, and banana fibers.


Thought is a UK-based clothing brand that has sustainability as a core value.  They use natural and sustainable fibers including hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo to create a wide range of products: from clothes to accessories to footwear.


Jungmaven seeks to bring hemp to the forefront of the fashion industry by creating high-quality hemp clothing.  Driven by a strong advocacy to heal the planet, the brand raises awareness about the benefits of using hemp and how it reduces overall environmental impact.