Energy Star Appliances:

Can They Save You Money?

The main benefits of using Energy Star appliances are they help you save energy and money but don’t sacrifice performance.

Energy Star Appliances VS Regular Appliances

Energy Star appliances compared to regular appliances are made to provide the same or better-quality function, while using less energy. This means more savings for you, less strain on the energy grid.

Energy Star Appliance List

1. 90+ Lighting  - 3-year, 25,000 hour warranty. 2. 7leds - 25,000 hour life span for bulbs. 3. Sensi Emerson - DIY easy installation.

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4. Ecobee - Reduces strain on the electricity grid with community energy saving. 5. Google Nest - Save $85 with a rebate from your energy provider.

6. Samsung - 512 gigabytes storage capacity. 7. Asus - 128 gigabytes storage capacity. 8. Acer - Ultra-light 14-inch business-grade 2-in-1 touch screen. 9. Dell - 16 gigabytes system memory.


10. Samsung T.V. - 120 volts and 430 watts. 11. Furrion - LED display type, 3 HDMI inputs. 12. Epson -  Projector, remote, power cable and screen included.

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