A Composting Guide for Apartment Living

" I have a huge guide for backyard composting, but what if you don’t have a backyard?  Can you still compost?   Of course you can!

Think of all the good we can do just by removing organics out of our landfills.

worm bin:

Worm bins are one of the most common forms of indoor composting.

trench method:

If you don’t have a yard, this is definitely a reconnaissance mission. Trench composting is where you dig a hole in the ground and bury your compost.

community garden:

See if you can join the community garden and add your food scraps to the pile

city wide service:

Check to see if your city offers composting or if there’s a business in town that collects food scraps.

Learn more about apartment living compost options.

More information on composting and going zero waste!

Sit down with a cup of coffee and see how you can lead a more eco-friendly life!