9 Best Sustainable


There are plenty of sustainable and ethical sock choices. Although you may not think that accessories like socks can make a big environmental impact, you’d be surprised!

What To Look For  In Eco Socks

Opt for brands that use eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, Tencel, or hemp. Also go for brands that are transparent about their manufacturing.

9 Sustainable  Sock Brands

Colorful Standard - Organic cotton and recycled wool socks. Conscious Step - For every pair sold, $1 is donated to a charity of your choice.

Yellow Wavy Line

Thought - Organic hemp, cotton, bamboo, and wool. Organic Basics - Transparent about manufacturing processes.

Patagonia - Uses responsibly sourced materials like merino wool. Kind Socks - Colorful patterns and unisex designs. Maggie's Organics - High-performance options available.


Harvest & Mill - Supports USA-based cotton farmers.  Boody - Made from organic bamboo. Pact - Fair Trade certified.

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