8 Cozy Warm Drinks

Perfect For Fall

Drinking a hot beverage will warm you up from the inside out! Plus, these warm fall drinks taste great and are reasonably healthy too. Check out this list of hot drinks for inspiration this season.

Snuggle Up With A Warm Fall Drink

We have a list of the ultimate best warm drinks of the season! They are perfect for sipping on with friends and family or after a long day. Grab your favorite mug and get busy making a hot beverage to sip on. I promise you won’t regret it.

hot chocolate

Warm the milk, add Chocolate Collagen and cocoa powder and whisk to remove any clumps. Add the maple syrup and vanilla and let it simmer. Pour in a mug, top with marshmallow and enjoy!

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I thought making marshmallows was going to be a really long and laborious process, but it was actually VERY easy! Surprisingly easy. I am going to be making all sorts of marshmallow treats this winter! Add them to your favorite hot drink or eat them as is.


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white chocolate matcha

Heat milk and water and add white chocolate. Stir until melted, then add vanilla. Add matcha powder and whisk to remove all the lumps. Pour into your mug and enjoy!

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golden milk

This easy hot drink uses just 2 ingredients, coconut milk and Turmeric Tonic. Heat the milk, add in the Turmeric Tonic, and whisk it all together. Pour into your mug and enjoy!

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Hot cocoa with vegan marshmallow fluff – Pumpkin spice latte with homemade oat milk – Hot mulled apple cider made with fresh apples – Chai latte with coconut whipped cream – Classic and simple vegan eggnog

more warm drinks

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