8 Apps to help

You Live A More Sustainable Life

From helping you reduce food waste to getting rid of junk mail, there’s an app for almost everything.  I’ve rounded up 8 apps that will help make sustainable living a little bit easier.

Use Your Cellphone For Good

Everyone has a cellphone nowadays, and there are so many apps to choose from that can help you live a sustainable life. It’s really incredible to see technology be used for the betterment of our planet!


If you want to be a part of the sharing economy, Bunz makes it incredibly easy to do so. On Bunz, you can trade your items locally, hassle-free by either giving away your items or using the digital currency created by Bunz. It’s also a great way to build community.

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Got some leftovers you don’t want to waste? Olio can help you share them! This free app connects neighbors to share food (and other things) instead of throwing them away. Just snap a picture, choose a pickup location, and choose who to share it with.

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Worried about your carbon footprint? Based on EcoCRED’s assessment, they’ll assign you a level that will help you track your progress and show you where you can grow. You can literally watch your footprint change in real time as you make positive changes!

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Karma Wallet is a free personal finance platform that gives you personalized data about the social and environmental impact of companies you shop with every day. It will help you make better choices and even save you money when you shop sustainably.

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Want to prevent food waste but find it hard to keep food from spoiling in your fridge and pantry? CozZo could be the solution you need! This free app helps you manage your fridge and pantry, along with functioning as a grocery shopping planner.


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