6 Reasons To Try

Nix Mouthwash

They’ve created an all-natural and refillable mouthwash that’s gentle on the planet.

6 Reasons To Try  Nix Mouthwash

Plastic Free Shipping It came in a cardboard box sealed with paper tape. Inside the products were cushioned with compostable shredded paper.


Refillable Product While the 9oz Nix bottle is plastic, it’s meant to be reused over and over again. The mouthwash refills come in a glass jar with a bamboo scoop.

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Natural Non-Toxic Ingredients Nix has meticulously researched and experimented with the highest quality natural ingredients to create their formula. When you look at their label you’ll see only 10 ingredients, all of which are naturally derived.

Gentle But Efficient While the peppermint oil used provides a minty fresh sensation that’s cooling, it’s not overpowering. It thoroughly rinsed my mouth without any burning sensation. It has a very pleasant taste.


Gives Back Nix has a triple bottom line that puts planet, people and profit into the equation which is something more brands should do.

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