Defining Your Personal Style

To create an ethical wardrobe, you need to learn your personal style, color scheme, and understand what you do and don’t like about clothing. Here are 5 Tips for Defining Your Personal Style.

Know Yourself!

When I first started, I had a major shopping problem. I also had ZERO sense of my personal style. I treated clothing more like a costume, like a character I would be for the day rather than a true extension of myself.

dress for what you do

Many of us get caught up in the fantasy idea of dressing for who we want to be rather than dressing for who we are. My best recommendation is to sit down and write out the activities that you normally participate in. Then choose outfits to fill them.

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get realistic about the weather

Know what the weather is where you live and put together outfits that work for it. Plan for the heat or the cold and shop with that in mind. Think about how your wardrobe has to come together based on the temperature.

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Be honest with yourself about all your quirks upfront so you don’t wind up wasting your money on something you never end up wearing. Get serious about the things that drive you nuts, and the things you LOVE.

know your pain points

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discover what  flatters you

Do you know your body shape? If you don’t, measure your bust, waist, and hips. With a quick Google search, you see what styles flatter your proportions. Knowing what I want to highlight really helps me shop for clothing.

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To make sure I was on the right track with my color palette, I went to see Donna Fujii who does color analysis. It was such a fun experience, I went with some friends and left with a swatch book of shades that look best for my coloring.


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